Recycling Waste Shredders

The Vertical Shaft Shredder has been specifically designed for the size reduction of household, civic amenity and industrial waste, prior to treatment or disposal.

Reliable, efficient and versatile, the shredder works on its Vertical Shaft principle and has large feed openings enabling the waste to be directly fed with the minimum of pre-sorting.  The Shredder grinds the waste in the body of the machine and eliminates the need for an outlet grid, which is prone to blockages and creates costly operational interruptions.

A Ballistic Separator automatically ejects heavy or resilient objects, which may damage the machine. This is accomplished through a reject hood on top of the shredder opposite the in-feed opening. No additional power or ancillary equipment is necessary for this important feature.


  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal blockage
  • Ballistic rejection
  • Explosion release protection
  • Dual rotation
  • High capacity
  • Adjustable particle size

Over 200 Shredders have been supplied worldwide, processing approximately 1,000,000 tonnes of domestic and commercial waste every year.