The well established De-Brouwer Chain Conveyor is designed to handle extremely difficult materials with varying characteristics such as stickiness, heat, abrasiveness and fine moist particles. Where a positive conveying action is required, the De-Brouwer Chain Conveyor can be readily adapted to act as a feeder to distribute material at a number of in-line discharge points at varying capacities. The De-Brouwer Chain Conveyor can accommodate bends in the vertical plane and be submerged under water for quenching hot material such as boiler ash. Plate Belt Conveyors are used for extracting and handling large pieces of material from bunkers and for conveying material continually over long distances. The units are ideal for handling hot and abrasive materials, such as sinters and slags or other applications unsuitable for conveyor belts.

Conveyor Pulleys
JND's high-integrity conveyor pulleys are engineered to meet the clients duty requirements. Pulleys are available in sizes upto 2m diameter and 2.2m facewidth. Special pulleys are available for larger drives. JND pulleys have been supplied to major plants in the world such as Ombilin Power Station Indonesia, Buxton Lime Industries UK, Kwang Yang Power Station China, OCP Group (Fertilizer Plant) Morrocco and Zisco Steel.