FPSO equipment

FPSO equipment, in varying sizes and materials. Material specifications range from Carbon Steel and Duplex to Monel and 904L.

Vessels can be assembled into modular units or skid mounted complete with piping, valves, instruments and supporting structures.

Typical FPSO Equipment:


Produced Water

  • Hydrocyclones
  • Degassers

Seawater Injection

  • Coarse Filters
  • Fine Filters
  • Reactors

Crude Oil Separation

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Electrostatic Dehydrators
  • Desalter and Coalescers

Chemical Injection

  • Stainless Steel
  • Tank/Vessels

Fuel Gas Treatment

  • Filter Vessels
  • LPKO Drums
  • HPKO Drums
  • Heat Exchangers

Nitrogen Generation

  •  Storage Tanks