Cocoa Roasters & Conditioners

Cocoa has long been one of the most versatile and useful ingredients in food products. Indeed, JND's involvement with the ‘bean’ dates back to 1930. Today, the company's expertise enables producers to alkalise, condition, dry, roast and cool up to 8 tonnes of cocoa nibs per hour in one continuous process line, even with moisture in excess of 30%.

The JND system incorporates the Rotary Conditioning Drum allowing sterilising, alkalising, oxidising and conditioning in one continuous processor and the Rotary Louvre Dryer/Roaster with multi-zone operation for varying process conditions. This unique flexible design enables a range of drying and roasting menus to be run.

Indirect drying and roasting of the Cocoa nibs is also possible in an Indirect Rotary Roaster which is a machine derived from the Rotary Tube Furnace described earlier. This has the advantage of reduced exhaust gas flows minimising clean up and deodorising.

Cocoa Brochure available on request